ASPUG-PP - Swiss Association of Physiotherapists specialized in Uro-Gynecology and Pelvi-Perineology

ASPUG is an association of professionals, specialized physiotherapists trained to practice rehabilitation in urology, gynecology, colo-proctology and sexology.

ASPUG is a corporate association as per article 60 ff of the Civil Code, headquartered at the very location of its General Secretariat.

ASPUG is neutral, without religious or political affiliation.
ASPUG has no lucrative purpose.
Aims of ASPUG include
  • to promote and improve this specialization of physiotherapy
  • to promote the evolution and the teaching of techniques relevant to the specificity of the discipline
  • to maintain high technical standards for its members by organizing postgraduate courses and informing them of the courses and various other trainings organized by international associations specialized in the same discipline
  • to maintain good relations with social partners such as doctors, insurances and political groups
Affected conditions include
  • urinary and fecal incontinence
  • constipation
  • vesico-sphincter dyssynergia
  • anorectal dyssynergia
  • perineal pain
  • sexual problems
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